Dreams are strange, I know they are subconscious thoughts left in your mind or thoughts you had before you fall asleep. Maybe they are a way of telling us to wake up in life and realize what we have. 

Last night I had the strangest dream that felt so real it scared me. I lost just about everything I have in regards to family, I was alone and starting over. The worst part about the dream was that I knew where my family went and I could see what they were doing but I wasn’t able to talk to them.
I was living in hotels, bouncing around place to place, meeting new people and unable to read people at the time…

It was like everything was taken away from me and I don’t even know why. It was a horrible dream, because I was helpless… The dream ended with me doing some odd construction job lol.

I woke up knowing it was a dream and relaxed to see who’s around me. However it had made me think and realize that I need to appreciate what I have and not take everything for granted. Enjoy every moment big or small and not worry so much about the future. Cherish those around you and never take them for granted no matter what the situation will be. Every bad moment will pass and be replaced with a good one.