That’s something that a lot of people can take for granted, something that most don’t realize they have, something that you can destroy with a few words, or something that some people wish they had. 

It’s something that I never really understood because I grew up with a crazy past, I had a very tiny family, one you could count on one hand and have fingers left over or so I thought. I grew up thinking that family was what I would see on the old 90s TV sitcoms, a big family that gets along together, friends that were part of that family and were giving the name uncle, cousin, brother. 

I always wondered why I didn’t have such a thing, I didn’t know the true meaning of family until recently and I’m still trying to really understand the whole meaning of it all. Everyday I lean something new, wether it be a new meal I could make, a new way to do a task, something new in the world, but I love learning, however I was never able to truly learn what a family really is. 

I have just learned what a family is, now to be honest, I’m still figuring this all out as I go and grow to understand everything. There’s a few special people that I’m very blessed to have in my life and I have no plans of ever letting them go, these people are my family, it’s not a huge family but it’s a big one with tons of love. There has been one person that has opened my eyes and taught me what it means to have a family and what a family is, I will admit that I’m a very difficult person to deal with, I hate to be proven wrong and I want to know everything but this person has proved me wrong time and time again, forcing me to understand things in my life that I really had no clue about. 

She’s the strongest person I know and she’s the one that has kept me strong for so long, I had to step back and reevaluate my life, everything that I thought I was doing right, all the thoughts I had about life and my way to approach situations was all wrong. She has showed me the correct way to do things, how to approach tough situations and try to handle them in the proper manor.  

Now let’s get back to the family thing for a moment, I came very close to losing everything I had because of my way of thinking and that day was a huge wakeup call for me, it was then that I understood what I was being told, it was then that I could see what I had been doing wrong and the damage I was doing to the people that loved me the most. 

This is where I learned what a family I had, I had people that loved me as much as I loved them, cared for me, took care of me and made sure I was OK, everything that I didn’t even notice becsuse I was so lost trying to figure out what a family was. Now that I know the answer to what a family is, I can sit here and write my thoughts out on this blog the best I can translate them from my crazy mind. 

The family I have is the kind that worries about each other, wants the best, tries to do the impossible and overcome obstacles to make each other happy, the kind that will piss you off to make you realize what you have, make content reminders about what was giving to you so that you don’t forget that you’re not in this alone. I have a family that will do anything for me and I the same for them, support me when I need it the most but in ways that I’m still trying to fully understand. 

I have a long way to go but it’s getting there and I’m learning how to take in this new awesome thing one day at a time, I’m just glad I can say that I have a great family, I have 4 daughters that love me and a woman that is gong to be my wife very soon. I’m very excited for this new step in my life and I’m so blessed to be able to have the family I have, they are a very strong group of people to be able to tolerate a person like me but it’s those people that are helping me become a better person as well. 

Te amo mi vida.