A hard reboot is the process of restarting a computer manually…

How about we try to apply this to our daily life….

Now to be clear I want to talk about rebooting not resetting, pause and stop for a second and let’s think about the reasons why we want to reboot our life. 

  • Feeling like everything is the same routine day in and day out. 
  • Stress levels are extremely high with no sign of them getting better 
  • The romance in our life is under extreme amounts of tension.
  • Wanting to feel like a new person for today on forward. 

The reason I want to reboot my life is that of a refreshed feeling on things, right now my life has many ups and many downs and I would like to focus on the downs so that I can slowly but surely get rid of them one by one.


    Stress is a huge one in my life as it is in many others as well, I try to deal with it in my own way which I think is a ok way of dealing with it but it’s not. I choose to ignore many items of stress in my life rather than dealing with them head on and trying to work them out hoping they just go away however it done work that way in reality. 

    I want to learn new techniques on how to tackle my stress and squash the triggers that cause it. My ultimate goal is to have a happy and stress free life and be able to just relax from day to day. 

    Emotions & Thoughts

    My other areas of interest are working on my emotional side of life, not be so sensitive about what’s said or let my thoughts affect hr outcome of my day or my interactions with others. 

    I tend to think about a topic and it can be any topic ordinary topic with nothing really special about it and I tend to over think about it leading up to my thinking about the what if, the why, the how comes… This is a bad thing because it changes my mood and affects the outcome of my entire day. 

    This is an area I’ve been working on for a long time now and I have made an huge improvement however there is a lot of room for more positive improvement. Thoughts need to remain just that, thoughts and not let them come out of my mouth and put into actions, actions that cause turn a great day to a really had regretful one in the blink of an eye.

    It can happen so fast that I’m left asking myself “what just happened?” I try to think back to what did happen and then I make the mistake of holding on to the issue trying to repair the mistake I made with my words that all started with a simple random thought. It’s those random thoughts that cause more unwanted stress and take away the peace in my life. 


    Actions speak louder than words is the common phrase, and it’s true… You can say anything and promise the world however it all means nothing and it’s just words if you don’t show it up with your actions. I try my best to prove that I do and mean what I say in the best way possible in my mind. I will try my best to show everything with actions however there’s times I’ve failed and my actions have proved that my words were meaningless and that’s one of many bad feelings I can have. 

    I take pride in what I do no matter what it is, and my pride takes a back seat when my actions destroy what ever I said before. I need to work better on my actions and continue to improve them to be a better person tomorrow. I want to take what I know now and use that to apply to this hard reboot in life in order to be that great person I want to be. 

    I’m doing to do my best and try to perform this reboot on life today and use what I have learned from my past mistakes to be a better person tomorrow and give my family the best of me putting the worst of me to an end.