Sometimes we don’t like whats going on around us, we try to pretend they aren’t true, things are not happening like we see it so we look for an escape, something to help us escape the reality around us.

Some of us find that temporary escape, the band-aid, the patch however that’s all it is, a temporary fix to something that wont go away, its always there waiting to strike and hit us when we least expect it.

There it is, the very thing you wanted to avoid, the very issue, problem, cause of stress you didn’t want, pain, anger, sadness, depression, every emotion you didn’t want, everything except happiness is there.

Where did it go? We thought it was there with us the entire time but it wasn’t real, it was a result of the patch, the band-aid, the “cure” the medicine, the hobby, whatever we use to hid from what is real fades away and reality shows its ugly face once again and this time its bigger, stronger and more in your face then ever before.

How do we solve the issues that are present? I don’t have the answer to this question.